On Demand Workouts

Nadia has designed a workout program that follows her philosophy of “less is more”.

As a member of the Transform with Nadia community, you will receive a different workout for each day of the week. These workouts areĀ designed to provide a mindful progression of movement from Monday through Friday. Each day, there is ONE type of class designated for your workout.

Mondays - Prepare

Get your body ready for the week ahead

Tuesdays - Strengthen

Engage and strengthen every muscle of your body

Wednesdays - Transform

Release tension and renew your energy

Thursdays - Focus

Target and hone in on one or two muscle groups

Fridays - Restorative

Relieve tension and release stress built up during the week

Join The Community

Take a huge step towards creating a healthier, happier lifestyle.

At Transform with Nadia, you become a part of a safe and supportiveĀ community. Our members not only value individual growth and development, but also care about the health and wellness of the people they practice with.

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