Day 46 Exercise

Hey there! It’s Day 46 of the one exercise a day challenge and today we’re getting back into my favorite core muscles with: THREAD THE NEEDLE. Your obliques are essential muscles needed for your body to rotate while supporting your spine. Building muscle there also helps to sculpt your waistline. Check out the training video to find out how it works. Then complete your workout!


Complete 10 repetitions on each side for at least 3 rounds. This move adds up pretty quickly, so be prepared to feel your obliques talking to you 🖐😬👏🤯

How to Modify

There are two ways to modify this move:

  1. Make sure your bottom knee is on the ground. This will make the move easier to complete.
  2. Come up to your hand instead of your elbow. Sometimes being on your elbow can put pressure on already sensitive shoulders. Perform the move on your hand instead, with your bottom knee on the ground.

PS – Don’t forget to head over to the Facebook Group when you’re done and share your experience! I’ll see you over there!



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