Day 49 Exercise

Hiiiiii!!! It’s Day 49 of the one exercise a day challenge and we’re rocking another awesome pushup variation: PIKE PUSHUPS. The benefit of this variation is that it specifically targets your shoulders, while also giving you a great stretch in your lower back and the back of your legs. Check out the video to see how it’s done!


Complete a total of 30 Pike Pushups. You can break them up into 3 rounds of 10 so that you don’t overload your shoulders.

How to Modify this Move

Remember way back on Day 9 when we did our Down Dog Hold? You can modify the same way, by placing your hands on a set of stairs for the pushups.

Every time I look at this photo, the first thing I see is the cat staring like…. “what the heck!?”

If your shoulders aren’t feeling the pushups because of tightness or pain, repeat the HOLD. Remember: you gotta make your workouts work for you and your body 😎👍🌞

PS – Don’t forget to head over to the Facebook Group when you’re done and share your experience! I’ll see you over there!



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