Day 50 Exercise

Hi 🖐🥰 It’s Day 50 of the one exercise a day challenge and we’re channeling our strongest selves with today’s exercise. It’s the: WARRIOR 3 HOLD. This is actually a yoga pose that was designed to improve your balance, strengthen your hips, and get all of the muscles in your back body to work simultaneously! These are all reasons why I LOVE this move. Watch the training video to see how it’s done!


Hold your Warrior 3 for 30 to 60 seconds. Once your time is up, take a quick break and do it again up to 5 more times!

Modify This Move

If you’re getting so wobbly in this move, you can barely stand, no worries! Instead of keeping your back leg in the area, touch your toe down to the ground behind you to act as a stabilizing kickstand. You can also place your hands on your hips instead of out in front of you.

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