Day 52 Exercise

Hiiiii!!! Welcome to Day 52 of your One Exercise a Day Challenge. Today we’re revisiting a solid move in our workout arsenal. It’s the: MOUNTAIN CLIMBER. Correction. We’re rocking the SLOW MOUNTAIN CLIMBER. This move is great for working your abdominals and creating stability in your shoulders as well as your hips. Watch today’s training video to learn how it’s done. Then complete your workout!


Set a timer for 45 seconds or for any amount of time up to 2 minutes! Complete as many slow mountain climbers as you can in that amount of time. Take a break for 15 to 30 seconds, then do it again from 2-4 more times.


If this mountain climber feels too challenging, you can always place your hands on the arm of a couch or on a sturdy bench so that your body is at a higher incline. If your wrists are feeling sensitive, place your forearms down. This will take some of the pressure off.

PS – Don’t forget to head over to the Facebook Group when you’re done and share your experience! I’ll see you over there!



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