Day 58 Exercise

It’s Day 58 of the one exercise a day challenge and today we’re diving into your ARMS with the: BICEPS PUSHUP. Not gonna lie, this move pushes the edge a bit because it can challenge even seasoned pushup lovers. I recommend that you warm up your shoulders with a few overhead reaches and a bit of stretching while watching the training video. Then complete your workout!


Complete 20 to 50 pushups TOTAL. I like to knock out as many as I can before taking a break, but feel free to use as many rounds as you need to get through them!


If the biceps pushup is feeling a bit too challenging from the ground, feel free to complete it at a higher incline by placing your hands on the side of a couch or on a wall. Note: You can do this with any type of pushup or plank. It’s a great way to get the movement into your muscle memory without overdoing it.

PS – Don’t forget to head over to the Facebook Group when you’re done and share your experience! I’ll see you over there!



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