Day 6 Exercise

It’s Day SIX of the one exercise a day challenge! Today’s exercise is: MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS. What’s cool about the mountain climber? I’m glad you asked… This awesome exercise works nearly ALL of the muscles in your CORE: shoulders, abdominals, glutes, quads, etc. etc. PLUS, it is a great way to get your heartrate up! Watch today’s training video, then complete your workout as recommended below!


We’re keeping it REAL simple today with a total of 100 mountain climbers! As I mentioned in the video, each time a knee comes forward, that’s counted as one repetition. That means you’ll complete a total of 50 on each side 👏😁🔥


Instead of completing this with your hands on the floor, lean against a stable surface, such as the armrest of a couch or a wall. If going fast seems like a bit too much, take it as slowly as you need to! Your safety comes first, always ❤️


If you’re a workout veteran, 100 repetitions may be a warmup for you. You may have noticed in the video that I switched up the TYPE of mountain climber by drawing my knees in different directions:

  • Knee toward the center of my chest
  • Knee toward the same elbow (i.e. left knee, left elbow, or right knee, right elbow)
  • Knee toward the opposite elbow

Complete one round of each version. That’s THREE rounds of 100 mountain climbers for a grand total of 300 ✌️🤠

PS – Don’t forget to head over to the Facebook Group when you’re done and share your experience! I’ll see you over there!



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