Phase Three, Lesson Five: Mini Habits. Meaningful Change

Have you ever been super motivated to achieve a goal? So motivated that you dove into the action steps headfirst, so you could make quick progress? I have to admit that it feels amazing to ride the wave of motivation that compels you to complete even the toughest of habits. But when the reality of your “normal life” comes knocking, perhaps in the form of unexpected meetings, last minute projects, a growing to-do list, or other people demanding your attention, the new habits begin to fall by the wayside. 9 times out of 10, the problem is this: The habits you’re taking on are TOO BIG.

The Power of Starting Small

Most people tend to aim for a version of their desired habits that will give them the BEST results, the FASTEST way possible (i.e. work out for 60 minutes a day, meditate for 30 minutes, or cut out all carbs). But as we’ve discussed previously, this way of approaching change can actually prevent you from achieving your goal. It’s worth reiterating that the smaller your habits are the more meaningful and long lasting they will be.

When you develop a habit of doing just a little bit of something consistently before taking on harder, more time consuming tasks, you build a foundation of success. That feeling of success will create momentum, which will drive you closer and closer to your goals. The following video explains the importance of creating Mini Habits for long lasting and meaningful transformation.

Transform Your Action Steps Into Mini-Habits

Take out the list of action steps (aka habit goals) you created a couple of days ago. Choose ONE to work on over the next few weeks and break it down into mini habits. Then fill out the short answer section below. [Note: You are welcome to go through the mini-habit process for ALL of your action steps. Just remember that, your best chance of building a healthy, happy lifestyle is to focus on ONE small thing once they are fleshed out. You can always save them for later when you’re ready to take them on.]

Well, that’s it for today. Once you’ve completed all your objectives, check the boxes below to mark your lesson as DONE!

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