Phase Three, Lesson Three: Actions Speak Louder Than Goals

So you’ve got your goals written down and you’ve outlined and defined your core values. It’s time to start developing a path to manifest your goals and weave your values into your daily life.

Process = Actions

A process is a series of action steps taken to move you toward a specified goal or outcome. In the fields of self development and business development, processes are often referred to as systems. Throughout our Pain Into Energy Challenge, we’ve been calling them habits, because the goal of this program is to weave them in as part of your regular, daily routine. When most people set goals, they focus on the end result. But research in multiple fields has shown that this may actually hinder our progress. Something I’ve been hinting at during previous lessons and live chats is that healthy habits (aka systems or actions) are the key.

The following video explains the benefits of concentrating on a system or process over goals to achieve the same results.

Turn Your Goals Into Systems

Take a look at the goals you created a few days ago and do the following:

  1. For each goal listed, write out the action steps needed to get to your desired result.
  2. Make sure each goal and action step is in alignment with your core values. It may be helpful to have them nearby, so you can refer to them as you create your action steps.

PS – Most of us know how to create career goals, so make sure to put extra care and attention to the areas of health and fitness, religion/spirituality, and relationships, which will be super important for tomorrow’s assignment 😉

Outline Your Action Steps

What action steps are needed for you to achieve your…

Well, that’s it for today! Complete your objectives, then make sure to check the boxes below to mark them as DONE!

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