Phase Three, Lesson Two: Define Your Core Values

Yesterday, we discussed the idea of competing goals, learned about the 6 areas of goal setting, and fleshed out goals for each area of life. Now that you’ve had practice reflecting on some of the things that you want, we’re going to go even deeper by exploring your Core Values.

What Are Core Values?

I like to think of core values as internal guideposts. They point to the person you are deep within, determine the principles you live by, and serve as a moral compass through which you choose the actions that you take on a daily basis. Most people don’t take the time to reflect on their values or define them. Instead, they rely on institutions to tell them how to think and behave (think capitalism or fundamentalist religions). But when you leave it to others to determine your values, you can end up following belief systems that you don’t agree with or behaving in ways that are detrimental to you or your health. By identifying and defining your core values, you are choosing to be intentional about the way you show up in your life and in the lives of those you love.

Identify Your Core Values

In this video, Adriana Girdler shares a simple process for identifying and fleshing out your core values. I recommend that you grab a pen and paper (or open a doc file) and move the process as you watch. Click here to find the complete core values list she mentions in the clip.

Although Adriana says that these values won’t change over time, nobody’s perfect. If the pandemic has taught us something on a large scale, it’s that life has a way of revealing the things that are most important to us. So don’t stress out about “getting it right.” Go with your gut!

Now I’d Like to Hear From You

Well… that’s it for today! Make sure to complete your to-do’s, then check the boxes below to mark that you’re done!

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