Phase Two, Lesson Four: Hunger

Many of us have a strange relationship with hunger. On the one hand, a restrictive culture of dieting can make us feel like being hungry is a BAD thing. We are often taught to ignore hunger and use various methods to trick ourselves into feeling full. But this only confuses things, creating stronger feelings of hunger, which can lead to binging or other disordered types of eating. The truth is… There’s nothing wrong with hunger! Hunger is your body telling you it needs nourishment. The tricky part can be understanding what it needs to feel properly fueled and elegantly satisfied (Like that? I took it from yesterday’s video).

How to Honor Your Hunger

This animated video gives you a great summary of hunger and how it works in your body. It also reviews a well-known intuitive eating tool called “The Hunger Scale” and how you can use it to get in tune with the cues your body shares with you.

Now I’d Like to Hear from You

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