Black People Doing Yoga

The #BlackPeopleDoingYoga Project was born out of the need to see more pictures of Black and Afro-Latino groups and individuals doing engaging in healthy physical activity, such as yoga, strength training, and dancing.

In my other life, I designed digital media content for advertisements and social media. I often struggled to find simple photos of people within the African diaspora. I’ve been making it a point to include people in our community in the media that I create, but even in this day and age, when we are seeing more ourselves in the media, I have very little to choose from. So I’ve decided to take on this challenge myself.

Will You Help Me?

My goal is to serve 20-30 hours of yoga sessions with individuals, couples, families, and friends who identify as black or afro-latino, take photos, and interview them on their experience. If you or anyone you know fits within this criteria and live(s) within the San Francisco Bay Area, California, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me over email at You can also DM me @blackpeopledoingyoga.

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