Did you know that having strong glutes is key to making sure your hips are mobile, your back is protected, and your knees are supported? So many of us spend our days standing or sitting still. The result is underactive gluteal muscles, which can increase your risk of developing pain in and injuring nearby joints  (not to mention the appearance of a flat backside). Here are 4 solid exercises to both activate and grow your glutes. 

Hip Thrust aka Glute Bridge

According to experts like Bret Contreras aka the glute guy, the hip thrust or bridge is THE most effect exercise to target and grow your glutes. It also puts your hips into extension in a way that doesn’t put pressure on sensitive joints, such as your knees, ankles, and back. I include some form of hip thrust in my own and all of my clients’ programs.

Donkey Kicks

The donkey kick or quadruped kickback is the simplest of the moves I have for you today. I like it because it’s easy for most people to perform. Beginners will love that they immediately feel the work in their glutes without overdoing it. For those who are more advanced, this move is a great way to begin warming up your hips.

Half Moon Hinge Leg Lifts

You won’t see the half moon hinge in most strength programs because it is actually a yoga-inspired exercise! The half moon yoga pose is often programmed to promote balance. It is a difficult hold for most yogis because it requires good hip mobility, ankle stability, and awareness of where your limbs are in space. I like this dynamic variation because it includes a side bending action, which most people don’t perform on a daily basis. It is not only good for working your glutes, but it’s also a great way to increase the mobility of your hips, alleviate back pain, and set your foundation for better balance (how you get into the pose matters!). 

Hip Complex aka Hip Dips

Here we’ve got another side bend, but one that doesn’t require as much balance. The hip dip is a “harder than it looks” exercise that directly targets your glutes. If you’re doing it for the first time, you will likely feel the burn after just a few reps! In addition to getting a great glute workout, performing the hip dip will help you build strength in your midsection by working your obliques and it will help increase stability in your shoulder.

For best results, make sure to include glute training exercises in your workout routine 2-3 times a week.

Good luck ❤️


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