Need a simple and easy way to work your glutes? The fire hydrant exercise is a solid pick to add to your core or lower body days. I explain how to do it in this mini-blog.

Fire Hydrant Exercise Benefits

As I mentioned above, the fire hydrant is a great exercise for your glutes. If you experience lower back pain from tight hips or weak glute muscles, adding this move to your routine can:

How to Perform the Move

To get started with the fire hydrant exercise, follow these directions:

  1. Come into tabletop position on your hands and knees, with your wrists underneath your shoulders, your knees underneath your hips, and a flat back.
  2. Make sure your weight is distributed between your hands and your left knee.
  3. Keeping your knee bent, lift your right leg out and up to the side of your body (note: it’s called the fire hydrant because it mimics a dog peeing… lol 😂). While you’re doing this, make sure to keep your arms straight and prevent your back from arching.
  4. Optional Addition: If you want to make this move more challenging, while your knee is out to the side, kick your leg straight.
  5. Return your knee to the starting position.

I like to perform a set of reps on the right side before switching over to the left, but if you prefer, you can alternate sides. Just make sure to transfer your weight from one leg to the other if you take this route.

Fire Hydrant Demonstration

Here’s a quick video demonstration of the fire hydrant exercise. It may help you get a more accurate depiction of the move. I also include a few variations to make the exercise more challenging, such as performing the fire hydrant in a high plank position.

Add the Fire Hydrant to Your Routine

As you can see, the fire hydrant exercise is pretty straightforward. Feel free to test it out to see how it feels in your body before adding it to your routine. If you have spinal issues or other ailments that may prevent you from performing this move, make sure to talk to your chiropractor or physician first.

Good Luck!


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