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Welcome to the Pain Into Energy Challenge 😁

It’s your coach Nadia here and I am SUPER excited to walk alongside you during this journey to creating a healthy lifestyle. Throughout this challenge, I’ll be asking you to step outside of your comfort zone to think about your health and fitness a bit differently than you may be used to. While most challenges have you dive in and change everything at once (for example, taking on a new workout routine, overhauling your nutrition, and adopting mindset shifts), we’ll be taking a slower approach.

Instead, my goal is to educate you on these areas in micro slices and help you decide what small habits make sense to include in YOUR life. Here’s a preview of what you can expect throughout the next 6 weeks.

Phase One: Recovery & Regeneration

During weeks one and two of the challenge, we’ll focus mainly on gentle exercises to stimulate muscle engagement and simple habits that will help your body repair and recover from the stress it has been under.

The one key HABIT we’ll work on to get you started toward pain free living is: Mobility Training. You’ll receive your first mobility video on Monday, so make sure to have your foam roller ready and waiting when you view the lesson.

Week 1, we’ll LEARN more about the following topics:

  • The Benefits of Moving “A Little Bit” More
  • How Sleep Impacts Your Body & Your Health
  • Water: How Staying Well Hydrated is Crucial to Your Well-Being
  • De-Normalizing Stress: The Trouble with Being Busy & How to Fix It
  • Your Guide to Building An Uplifting Life

Week 2 will be dedicated to PRACTICE.

Phase Two: Strength From the Inside Out

During weeks three and four we’ll shift from gentle exercise into simple strength work that will aid in muscle development. You will receive:

  • a strength training guide designed with your specific goals in mind
  • access to a new collection of videos to guide you through your workouts.
  • a simple nutrition guide to introduce you to healthy eating basics
  • Guidance on eating habits to help you reach your specific health goals.

During Week 3, we’ll dive deep into what strength training is and how it helps your body. You’ll learn why it is a CRUCIAL part of your ongoing routine and how to ease it into your lifestyle. Week 4 will be dedicated to exploring what YOU like about strength training and finding the best routine for you!

Phase Three: Making Progress. Honing In

Before you know it, weeks five and six will be upon us. The last stretch of any challenge is usually the most difficult to stick with. With that in mind, we’ll be exploring processes that can help keep the motivation going long after program ends, including:

  • Taking On Alternative Progress Markers
  • Celebrating Small Wins
  • The Importance of Enjoying the Process

If I knew of ONE perfect method to help you continue with your healthy lifestyle habits for good, I would give you all the secrets up front. Unfortunately, there is no ONE method that works for everyone. As you’ll learn, becoming healthy is an ongoing process, one that takes a lot of trial and effort to weave into your personal life. I’m so excited that I get be here to answer your questions as you move along in this process.

*Important Notes About Your Challenge*

Expect to receive an email from me Monday through Friday with your latest lesson and a link to your training page. Make sure that you add the email address to your address book so that these emails don’t get caught in your spam filters!

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