Day Five: Building An Uplifting Life

Recently, during a dream coaching session, a woman shared her feeling that there was something missing in her life. She was on a journey of personal growth and had been working hard to uncover and work through what she perceived to be mental and emotional issues. Although it could be refreshing at times, it was also very challenging work that sometimes left her energized and sometimes left her completely exhausted.

For a little over a year, this woman had made immense shifts in her psyche. She was working with a therapist to dive deep into her childhood and current patterns of resistance. She had taken on a pet and was learning how to devote her time, attention, and love to another living being. She even gave up a very stressful manager position and opted for a significant pay cut so she could create some mental space and emotional balance. As it stood, she said it made her so much happier. However, she was still searching for something and she couldn’t pinpoint what.

She had dreamt of being inside a car that was out of control, moving rapidly down a mountain. Typically, this might represent a feeling of overwhelm and an experience of something in your life being out of control. On a hunch, I said: “It sounds like you’ve been doing a lot of descent, diving into the hard stuff. Are you doing anything UPLIFTING?”

In that moment, a lightbulb went off for her and as we talked more about what she could ADD to her life that raised her positive energy and made her feel good, she had a big smile on her face, excited about building a more uplifting life.

Do Things That Makes You Happy

Of course, as a fitness, nutrition, and wellness coach, I’m all for you adopting healthy and healing habits. After all, that’s probably a key part of the reason why you enrolled in this challenge. However, creating that kind of lifestyle can be hard work. It’s important to match your efforts with things that make you feel good and uplifted, without even having to try. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk for burnout. For me, a few of those things are: singing, reading, writing, seeing picture of my nephews. I could go on. Watch the following video to uncover a few simple ways you can figure out what makes you feel happy and light.

I’d Love to Hear From You

Don’t forget to complete your foam rolling and mobility practice from Day One of the Challenge. Once you’ve completed this page and your practice, click the boxes below to mark yourself done! You have the weekend off from lessons, so use that time to reflect a bit on what you’ve learned and I will talk to you Monday!

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